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Our Partners

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Trinity Episcopal Church

National Council of Jewish Women

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Moraine Township

City of Highland Park


HP Community Foundation

Rotary Club of HP


Since its founding over  52 years ago, Tri-Con's mission has been to provide high quality, affordable early care and education for children of low-to-moderate income families.  Our mission extends to and includes the families of our students where we act as a community liaison when support is needed from other social service agencies and professionals.

About Us

Tri-Con Child Care Center was established in 1971 when United Way assessed the need for additional subsidized early care and education programs in Highwood and Highland Park.  Trinity Episcopal Church in Highland Park, the National Council of Jewish Women, and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Highland Park came together to create Tri-Con Child Care.

With continued support from many local organizations, businesses and individuals, Tri-Con has been providing high quality early care and education for over 52 years.

We are a not-for-profit agency licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Lake County Health Department.

100% of attending students receive financial assistance.

Events & News
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We Make Learning Safe & Fun!


We're busy each day playing with friends, reading books, singing songs, creating projects and learning all with smiles & laughter.  Our classroom activities keep us on the go from early morning 'til end of day.  We're happy when kids & families are able to join us and become a part of our center!

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Keeping  Ourselves Busy Both Indoors & Out!

Simple machines, ramps, pulleys & creativity provide us with loads of fun and learning as we move things from one spot to another, up & down and across the room. 

We're looking forward to more time outside, riding bikes, neighborhood walks and putting our swing set to the best of use!  Fingers crossed

spring is here before too long!

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